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Accreate is the executive search division of the Morgan McKinley Group and is the only Irish executive search firm with extensive international reach through our global office network. We partner with client organisations on a retained and exclusive basis to find the optimum talent for critical and transformational leadership roles at board and ‘head of function’ level.

Ireland’s improving economic climate in 2016 contributed to very buoyant activity in terms of executive search and we saw a return to previous levels of hiring, last witnessed almost a decade ago.


Role Ireland
CEO 160k - 300k
COO 140k - 260k
Head of Risk & Compliance 160k - 230k
VP/Operations Director 140k - 220k
VP/Manufucturing Director 130k - 190k
Treasury Director 130k - 200k
VP/Engineering Director 120k - 170k
Business Development Director 120k - 150k
Head of Audit 120k - 160k
VP/Supply Chain Director 110k - 140k
Chief Technical Officer 110k - 180k
Chief Financial Officer 100k - 180k
VP/Sales Director 90k - 140k
VP/HR Director 90k - 150k


Our domestic and international talent pool is made up of both active and passive candidates and, in a reversal of recent trends, there was a significant increase in the number of ‘C’ suite professionals who were active and seeking new opportunities. In many cases, these were Irish people who had traveled overseas during the downturn, gained career-enhancing international experience, and were keen to relocate back to Ireland with their families. Having assisted a number of individuals based in countries such as the US and Australia to secure roles back in Ireland, we look forward to welcoming more home in 2017.

While the fallout from the Brexit vote has given rise to much uncertainty regarding the economic landscape for 2017 and beyond, we have noted a marked uplift of roles in the financial services sector. Further afield, it is too early to predict the likely impact of the recent US Presidential election, although businesses may be more tentative in terms of hiring in the initial stages of the year while the new administration settles. However, the global brands who have established a significant presence in Ireland have shown no signs of slowing down. Interest in hiring new talent has been particularly strong in the life sciences sector, which accounted for the highest percentage of senior level appointments we handled in 2016.

As we look to 2017 we have also observed a much greater willingness on the part of larger companies to invest more both in terms of recruiting and retaining top talent. Remuneration packages are continuing to climb, reflecting unique skillsets. Bonus structures and attractive equity plans supplement the higher basic salaries on offer. Senior executives are more confident than ever about their worth and expect to be rewarded accordingly. In the past, they may have felt obliged to postpone moving jobs for a number of months to avoid losing out on a lucrative annual bonus payment, this is no longer the case. The current trend is that the hiring company will compensate them in full, in the form of a once-off sign-on bonus payment, so that start dates are not delayed. Again, this is evidence of the premium that will be paid for highly sought after candidates whose intrinsic value to a company extends much further than their salaries suggest.

Articles by Lorraine Bolger