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I was awake last week at 3am and found it impossible to get back to sleep so I decided to read – The Gloss Magazine, Octobers 2016 edition, article - Huffington’s Latest Post.

Arianna Huffington the co-founder of The Huffington Post is now launching a new website Thrive Global. This website focuses on helping companies and employees improve their overall wellbeing. How this came about was when Arrianna collapsed from exhaustion nine years ago and realised that burning the candle at both ends is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Huffington explains how she had to prioritise - “Running both companies would have involved working around the clock, which would be a betrayal of the very principles of Thrive. To truly thrive means knowing when the time has come to close one chapter and start the next; for me that time has arrived.”

To add to Huffington’s achievements she has just published her fifteenth book, ‘The Sleep Revolution’ earlier this year. The pattern here is blatantly obvious and I think we should all take heed to the message.

We need to look after ourselves and to quote Huffington “In the same way we need to plug in our phones, we need to UNPLUG OURSELVES ...” Always being switched on and contactable is not allowing us to take time out. We need to disconnect in order to function as we require adequate sleep.

Before Huffington’s collapsed she did not have a bedtime routine and would be texting or emailing just before sleep which lead to poor quality of (much needed) sleep.

Here are a few of her tips for a great night’s sleep after a long day:

1. Light suppresses the production of melatonin, which signals us to sleep: blackout blinds are a good investment. “We should make our bedroom a calming, quiet, dark space.”

2. Keep blue light radiating devices, such as phones and tablets, out of the bedroom. “Think of blue light as an anti-sleeping drug or stimulant.”

3. Turn down the thermostat. “The ideal sleeping temperature is 60-66 degrees Fahrenheit.” (15-19°C to you and me)

4. Moderate daily exercise will help you SLEEP YOUR WAY TO THE TOP. As Huffington see’s it “Make it a habit. Try exercising 20 or 30 minutes five days a week.”

5. Eat right, sleep tight. That means avoiding large meals, spicy foods and caffeine before bed.

6. Avoid that nightcap. “Alcohol does indeed initially act as a sedative, but later in the night it is a sleep disrupter.”

7. Try meditating if you wake during the night. “I practice meditation. It takes the stress out of wakefulness.”

In summation sleep deprivation is the new smoking and to quote Huffington once more “When I changed the amount of hours of sleep in my life, everything became easier: meditation, exercise, health, relationships, clarity of mind. Everything changed.”

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