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Autumn is my favourite season. You cannot beat a walk in the multi-coloured landscape and the crisp sound of leaves underfoot. We often think of Spring as the season to herald new beginnings. However, from a business perspective, Autumn can bring with it a wealth of opportunity.

Take for example the American entrepreneur’s business “Ship Foliage”, which launched last year. It delivers preserved leaves right to customer’s doors. Customers pay $29.99 for five leaves collected from somewhere in Massachusetts, Vermont or New Hampshire!! No – this is not a joke.

More seriously, there are a number of reasons why, generally, Autumn is a good time to hire into your senior executive team.

Firstly, the candidate pool is more approachable. After having had time to reflect over Summer breaks, executives who are in “consideration mode” in terms of a career change can be more open to conversations about new opportunities.

Secondly, organisations are generally in business planning mode for 2017. The right hiring process now will deliver a new member to the executive team in time for kick-off 2017. Any significant hires for 2017 will need to be included in the budgeting process now.

Finally, as part of the business planning process, Executives are also at this time of year more likely to be made aware of changes within their own organisations for 2017 which may impact their decision to seek opportunities outside of their current positions.

All in all, the falling leaf can signal a trigger for change at the top level in organisations and represents a great opportunity for both companies and senior executives to forge new beginnings.

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ― Jim Bishop

Articles by Caroline Baldwin