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What’s the perfect way to get a new perspective on gender equality?

International photographer Beta Bargart’s new photography exhibition “What’s she doing here? Woman at Work “1918 - 2018” takes place at the Little Museum of Dublin from March 31st – June 10th. The exhibition is inspired by Beta’s commitment to gender equality and seeing more women in traditionally male-dominated roles.

The exhibit will be a moving portrait series of strong women in creative, unusual and predominantly male professions. It will be a testament to courageous females who are following their dreams and will feature a range of portraits such as a female pilot, farmer and an astro-physicist – all pictured in their working environment.

The exhibition follows on from the launch of Beta’s moving book “A woman’s work” last year. Her commitment to gender balance sees Beta teach workshops in primary schools to educate Irish students on gender balance for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.

Accreate are proud supporters of Beta’s book and her new exhibition. Why?

Her portraits in ‘A Woman’s Work’ demonstrate women’s ability and contribution in all areas of work. It’s message is one that needs to be heard and understood more widely, especially in business where only one in ten directors of Irish plcs are women.

As a global executive search firm, we see the benefits female professionals bring to STEM careers and sectors. In addition, many of our clients, in particular, American multinationals, are specifically requesting that we include strong female candidates in our shortlists, in order to satisfy their own executive diversity agendas.

In Ireland, there are roughly 117,800 people working in jobs requiring STEM skills. But CSO figures show that the proportion of women employed in these remains stuck below 25%. The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs has also said that Irish companies collectively will have an estimated 44,500 job openings for people with high-level information and communications technology (ICT) skills over the next six years.

The risk is that unless action is taken to encourage both sexes to study and develop skills in STEM areas, these high-value openings will go unfilled.

As a company, we are strongly committed to playing our part in improving gender balance in business in Ireland. We know from experience the benefits that greater gender balance brings to businesses and boardrooms. That is why Accreate is a signatory of the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Recruitment and Executive Search Firms

*.An initiative by IBEC and the 30% Club, The Voluntary Code of Conduct for Recruitment and Executive Search Firms sets out eight best practice principles to promote great gender balance in senior decision-making roles -$file/Voluntary+Code+of+Conduct+2016.pdf



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