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It’s that time of year when thousands of Irish will return home again to Mother Ireland to visit family, friends and loved ones. They’ll also down copious pints, swallow frightening full fat fry ups and cruise their localities in search of that fundamentally Irish substance ‘craic’.

I remember when I lived abroad and would return home each festive season on a flight I’d booked as far back as August ensuring this annual trip was a certainty. That giddy feeling of returning home at Christmas is very special and in some ways uniquely Irish, no wonder considering our far flung dispora over the centuries.

It was always the little, almost insignificant things that did it for me. The Aer Lingus Cabin Crew’s smiles and utterances of “there you go now” or “you know yourself” were enough to wrap me up tight in a Blarney Mills woollen blanket of nostalgia for my homeland whilst my fellow Irish passenger’s sense of humour was for sure the icing on my Christmas cake.

This year an estimated 700,000 passengers are expected to travel through Dublin Airport over the course of the Christmas season and no doubt many of these returning ‘Wild Geese’ will be wondering if it’s time to make the permanent migration home or perhaps they are just mulling over such an impending move sipping a hot spiced mulled wine in The Stag’s Head, O’Neill’s, The Palace Bar or Mulligan’s – take your pick.

Well if they are, there is plenty of encouraging economic reports out there to convince them of just such a move home with a GDP growth of nearly 5pc this year and a further (Department of Finance) projected 4pc for next year.

Furthermore the IDA and Enterprise Ireland are projecting the creation of 120,000 new jobs between them within the next four years. Such a predicted employment boon for our country in so short a timeframe would be remarkable and it is no wonder Finance Minister Michael Noonan highlighted it in the Government’s Spring Statement.

So there you go, if ever you needed some gentle yuletide encouragement to start searching for new opportunities at home you now have it for it would seem that now is the ideal time.

There is a lot to take in to consideration when relocating back home and everything you need to know is covered brilliantly by Ciara Kenny of The Irish Times in her recent article ‘Planning to return to Ireland? Here’s everything you need to know’:

After taking all of her tips and ideas into consideration your next port of call is to talk to professionals who can guide and help you make informed decisions about your next job opportunity.

But don’t just talk to anyone, take your time and choose carefully, talk to professionals who really care about you, about your dreams, about your wishes and about your well being.

Here at Accreate we pride ourselves on ‘caring’ for all aspects of our client’s needs securing roles for them not just in the future but roles which help them create their own future.
Christmas is a time when dreams are meant to come true so let us at Accreate turn those employment dreams of yours into a wonderful reality.

Whether you want to relocate back to Ireland or simply go on an adventure and live somewhere new, we at Accreate would be delighted to talk to you.

Articles by Lorraine Bolger