Dr Anita and Neil Sands give private "Masterclass" on "Belonging" to Accreate guests

 byCaroline Baldwin.
 Published: 27/03/2019

Tomorrow night, our “Accreate Invites” Series continues with an event in which we will explore the complex area of building winning business cultures through the creation of environments that allow all of our colleagues believe that they truly belong where they work.

Accreate is privileged to have secured Dr Anita Sands and Neil Sands to share their experience with us on this subject. Our select gathering of guests from a cross-section of industry leaders will hear Anita and Neil expound on their latest article, Diversity & Inclusion aren’t what matter- Belonging counts, published just this week.

The team at Accreate is really looking forward to learning more about Anita and Neils’ perspectives and sparking some lively debate and discussion.