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Embracing change…

As the summer holidays fade into memory and we ease ourselves into the familiar ‘back to school’ routine, many of us use this time of the year to psyche ourselves for the winter months and the tough grind until Christmas (a mere 15 weeks away)... Junior and Leaving Cert results have been announced, college courses selected and parents’ anxiety parked until the next set of exams… the constant churn for students is in many ways mirrored by those on the work ‘treadmill’, many of whom share common (less than positive) sentiments during the latter part of the year.

Rather than focusing on the impending dark nights, perhaps it’s time to dwell on the positives and use September as an opportunity for a fresh start; college will open up a whole new set of possibilities for students and those in the world of work still have time to close out 2015 very successfully. In business terms (certainly in executive search), ‘Quarter 4’ and the lead up to it tends to be the busiest time of the year. Companies setting their budgets for 2016 are focused on securing top tier talent at leadership level to drive their businesses forward and their strategic planning to make this happen is actively underway.

While embracing change will of course necessitate moving roles for some, this won’t be the case for everyone; rather, it might mean aiming for a promotion, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, signing up for a course or assuming additional responsibilities. Whatever its connotations for you, there’s no time like the present - the winter will be shortened if you take control of it and your enhanced résumé, no matter what stage of the career ladder you’re at, will thank you for it - carpe diem!

Articles by Lorraine Bolger