Talent is key priority for American companies in Ireland

Talent is key priority for American companies in Ireland
Caroline Baldwin   by Caroline Baldwin. Published: 02/04/2019

This morning’s briefing by the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland, led by CEO Mark Redmond and Carin Bryans Senior Country Officer, JPMorgan Ireland introduced some fascinating research in the “US-Ireland Business 2019” Report

Talent featured largely in both the report’s findings and the discussions this morning.

AmCham measured the top priorities of its members and found them to be:

1. Developing, rewarding & attracting Talent

2. Access to residential accommodation

3. Physical & Digital Infrastructure

4. Enhancing the competitiveness of investment incentives

5. Encouraging innovation and controlling the cost-base

Notably, Brexit did not feature in the top five areas of concerns for the member organisations within the American Chamber of Commerce.

The fact that the US-Ireland economic exchange is a truly two-way business relationship stood out and is highlighted with the figures they generated in this fascinating report. Ireland is the ninth largest investor country into the US globally.