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No one wants another Brexit article, so all I’ll say is that now “Ireland Inc.” has a great opportunity to get the word out to global companies, particularly in the US that there is still an English speaking, EU committed location which is perfectly placed for them to do business. It’s not simply a case of sitting back and waiting for the business to come in. Now, more than ever, is the time to be proactive in driving foreign direct investment.

The pharmaceutical industry being my area of expertise and Ireland being a key location for both big and small pharma, Accreate Executive Search will be travelling to Boston next week to whet the appetite of Life Science companies looking for a European home. Over two days, HR leaders in small and big pharma will be convening at LEAP HR Boston to discuss people strategies, the changes affecting the industry and how they will equip their businesses in order to find the best talent in the best locations.

The IDA has done a fantastic job in attracting investment from top Pharma and IT companies. Simply having such a concentration of these businesses has naturally resulted in the development and attraction of top talent. In fact, the war for this talent has never been stronger. Whilst rapidly growing pharma companies are having to scrap for the best people, this has had the effect of raising everyone’s game. Opportunities for progression are rife and there is very little stagnancy. So much like in growth centres like San Francisco and Boston, employees are gaining experience in more senior roles at a much earlier stage in their career.

Yes, this war for talent comes at a price. The days of employees being loyal to one or two businesses for their entire career are fizzling out and the cost of these employees is rising as more movement means higher salaries. However, the value-add has increased far beyond this. Rather than business units having a national or regional remit, we now see significant globally focused units based in Ireland. Even with the concentration we have now, there is always room for more.

Accreate can’t help a company win the war for talent but we can help win some of the important battles along the way.

Articles by Caroline Baldwin