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To infinity and beyond

Wonders never cease!

That cheesy pickup line - “Your eyes are the windows to your soul” may now have some scientific basis after all. According to a new study by Yale University lead researcher Christina Starmans and study co-author Paul Bloom of the Mind and Development Lab at Yale, most people intuitively feel as if their “self” (otherwise identified as their soul or ego) exists in or near their eyes.”

Well whatever the hallowed halls of academia have to say on the subject, I’m a firm believer that the window to your soul as a company is quite simply your website. Living as we do in the postmodern, button pressing maelstrom of the digital age we struggle daily just to keep up. All that spare time promised to our parents through technological advances has conveniently disappeared into the ether. All that’s left to us poor mortals is a never ending game of catch up with no sign of a finish line in sight.

As a result when I visit a website for the first time I want my journey to be an easy one and not the mindless 27 click navigational equivalent of a descent into a mind numbing hell.

Accreate is a ‘people business’ and we believe that the business is all about you. Hence in creating our new website, both our vision and brief were crystal clear. We wanted to portray ourselves just as we are - friendly, professional and approachable. Whilst at the same time we also want to share our news with you, keep you included and gather your vital feedback.

When I started working on Accreate’s new website design I quickly realised that actively listening when collaborating with people was the key as we collated all the information and data we needed. However making decisions and committing to them is also vital, for the world of website design cares not for the procrastinating Hamlets of this world.

Websites have beginnings, yet in essence they are inherently without end. More so they are a journey whose destination is a web of engagement with as many people as possible in our wide world. Growth, change, development, improvement and enhancement will be our design bywords.

Of course there are guidelines and tools to help you try reach your target audience but once your website is live, your “baby” is out there and there’s no controlling who views it.

So if I had to give any advice it would be this “Don’t just have a good website, have a great website”. In this way it will have a solid foundation to grow, improve and thrive. And, like any proud parent you can gently guide it out into the real world where it will build its own relationships, reaching out every moment of every day to your future customers ‘To infinity and beyond’

Articles by Lorraine Bolger