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Christmas may be on the horizon but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! I’ve always found it fascinating that as a race, that we are becoming increasingly infatuated with focussing on the next holiday, the next milestone or the next event, whatever that may be. Within the three days since Halloween, I have constantly been hearing about how Christmas is nearly here, only to find myself reiterating the same thing. Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, I love the festivities, spending time with immediate and extended family, being in the city centre when there is a real buzz about doing the Christmas shopping and heading for a drink in a cosy Irish pub to warm back up after the arduous shopping spree. However, this got me thinking. I find we often forget about right now, the moment we are all currently living in. Many would be all too willing to press the fast forward button and skip the intervening period, landing straight onto Christmas Day, opening our gifts with a glass of sherry.

If I equate this to our working life, then it’s really about ensuring we get the most from what we do today, not always looking to what a strategy can deliver five years from now. I’m certainly not suggesting that strategizing and keeping an eye on the goals you wish to achieve and your plan for achieving these is a negative. But there is a tendency to lose sight of the importance of embracing what can be achieved now. The sum of the effort and wins on a daily or even hourly basis are ultimately what determine success. Equally, going back to my point about Christmas, it’s the positive interactions we have with friends and family throughout the year that make it special to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

So as we move closer to Christmas and we look forward to all the fun ahead during the holidays, my one piece of advice would be; don’t lose sight of the moment and make the best of the here and now. There’s always something we can achieve today.

Articles by Caroline Baldwin