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About Aralez Pharmaceuticals

Aralez is a specialty pharmaceuticals company with corporate headquarters in Toronto and offices in Princeton and Dublin. The businesses leadership has a proven track record in building successful pharma and biopharma companies.

The Assignment

As Aralez emerged from a merger between Pozen and Tribute Pharmaceuticals, they looked to have an international footprint based out of Dublin. This Dublin hub was to house the Finance, Quality and Supply Chain functions for the global business. To lead this office, Aralez required a leader with the ability to work in a start-up capacity, act autonomously and contribute to the businesses goals to grow and acquire new assets for their specialty drug portfolio. This was to be a Vice President and General Manager for the International Operations.

Our Solution

As the skillset requirement for this role was broad ranging, our search was equally as broad and diverse. The key to this search was finding the right diversity of skills along with the soft skills to build and motivate a team from start-up phase. As Ireland has a strong calibre of these candidates, we were able to provide a strong shortlist of candidates from and Irish only search. It was a mix of candidates coming from supply chain, virtual manufacturing and corporate development.

Ultimately, the successful applicant came from corporate development. They had a strong understanding of the company’s strategy, how to execute this strategy at a local level and had enough of a knowledge about the various functions in order to lead the business. Following this search, the current VP & General Manager has gone from strength to strength, leading one of the organisations most successful and effective teams globally.

David Phelan

David Phelan

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